Colours of Love in Concert

An annual tradition of more good music brought by Maggie

By Marek J.D. Goldyn – The Canadian National News

Getting back in full swing the concert is back after virus hiatus.

The arrival of our superstar, world renowned pianist Vivian Fang Liu! who has a heart of gold. I can’t believe she even brought me a gift, my favourite perfume. We love you so much Vivian and can’t wait to see you on stage tomorrow!Only one day away from Colours of Love International Concert❤️?Special thanks to Steve Falusi for the introduction.

Colours of Love International Concert is in Oakville, Ontario.

  · EXCITING NEWS!!!!We have sold out of our VIP tickets. This is going to be an exciting portion of our event. We still have general admission tickets available so you STILL have an opportunity to view the full concert!BUT GET THEM QUICK:…/colours-of-love…

This concert is also endorsed by Marek J.D. Goldyn – Founder of The European Club of Canada

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