Energy becomes a global battle field

By Marek J.D.Goldyn – The Canadian National News

Can Canada save Europe with sources of energy?

This is an important question asked by Marek J.D. Goldyn – Founder of The European Club of Canada and Alumni of The Economics and Sociology Department at The University of Lodz in Poland.

An explosion of gas pipes at the bottom of Baltic Sea is an eye opener to all due to the strategic importance and environmental issues and is a new stage in the World War III where a vast territory empire is facing an implosion.

A political gambling of Putin who has a dual agenda for Europe and for Asia spanning 10 times zones, making all the neighbours in wait for the next step before a Siberian winter starts with the memory of disaster forothe armies of Napoleon in XIX century and of Hitler over 130 years later..

With the birthday on October 7th – President Vladimir Putin is turning to be 70 years of age with unparallel experience in secret service and running a centralised type of government of Russia.

Canada has been a leading producer in nuclear sector and natural gas and other types of sources of energy has to do more to introduce to the friendly market of Central Europe especially having a significant number of over 5 million citizens with heritage from Poland, Lithuania, Germany, Byelorussia, Ukraine, Czech and Slovakia.

Politicians from all levels of government and leaders of countries are sinking into unknown territories. The simmering war in the Ukraine which historically being a part of Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Kingdom of Poland with current Russia under the presidency of Putin is a continuation of the conflict dating back to the Tsar Peter The Great when he started to build a Russian Empire in the XVII century.

The most recent chapter is 100 years old when the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 abolished a Russian monarchy killing all the members of the Romanov family and allowing to form new countries in Central and Eastern Europe in 1918 but wanting to quickly incorporate these independent states into communist run government with Lenin at the helm and later under Stalin.

More could be delivered from the historical perspective by Marek J. D. Goldyn – Founder of The European Club of Canada and also an Associate Member of Polish Army Veterans’ Association in America – National Headquarters in New York, N.Y. Post 100 – Established in 1921

Military Allies : Canada, Poland, France, USA Since 1917

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