Real Awards for Women: BIGDATA & AI in Toronto

Andrea Ruotolo, Fulbright PhD

Above all HI is getting recognisition with Andrea at the stage

By Marek J.D. Goldyn – The Canadian National News/ The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

At the closing of International Conference of Big Data & AI in Toronto being held on 18 19 October 2023 a number of distinguished achievers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and this time to promote the contribution of women in the field of computing.

The elegant crowd mainly of the winners and recipients of recognisition awards brought together participants from The United States of America , The United States of Mexico and from Canada.

By Andrea Ruotolo, Fulbright PhD – Special to The Canadian National News

Andrea Ruotolo, Fulbright PhD

I am both thrilled and humbled to receive recognition for my work at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability. The realm of AI is vast and full of potential, yet the representation of women could be much higher – constituting a mere 20% of the global AI workforce. The essence of innovation lies in the diversity of thought, which is why we must bridge this gender gap and foster an inclusive environment.

Andrea Ruotolo, Fulbright PhD

Women in AI, Women in AI Canada, Women in AI USA, Women in AI Mexico amplifies the message that diversity isn’t just a societal obligation, but a catalyst for unbounded innovation. This recognition is a wonderful opportunity to spotlight the urgency of building a more diverse AI community.

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