ELEVATE Festival – a second year a big edition in Toronto

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By Daliea Faruk – Reporter

Euro Canada News – The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

It was a great  pleasure of attending one of Toronto’s best networking events , as part of Elevate Tech week, held by Startup Open House – www.startupopenhouse.com, ( SOH Nationwide, which is one of Canada’s largest tech community events).
It is a perfect way to get people and companies connected. For one night only, hundreds of startups were offering free special tours, and exclusive behind the scenes experiences to the public, followed by an after party where the hopefuls would get a bit more casual, and get to know each other better.
This event benefits anyone who is either seeking a job, looking to invest , building their startup, or simply curious about the process of how a startup business works. This year alone, Startup Open house has partnered with Elevate to connect over 5,000 students and young professionals to hundreds of new companies and startups across Toronto. It was quite an eye opening , inspiring, and motivating experience to see all of the young entrepreneurial talent in one space. These businesses are the fibres of the future and they require exceptional service to guide them in the right direction to become successful, and that is where Mr. Baqer takes the lead, helping to take your ideas and business to the next level. This event only happens once a year, and I was very pleased to be a part of it to witness Toronto’s growing community of new leaders and aspiring hopefuls.

– A quote from the organization:
“ SOH offers to thrill seekers a community that champions their risks, supports their disruptive ambitions, and integrates them into economies.”

– Catch the next Startup Open house September 2019 by registering at www.startupopenhouse.com

Also , a big thank you to Marek J. Goldyn  Publisher and the European Club of Canada ?? Www.euroclub.ca

Marek J/ D. Goldyn – Foto – Euro Canada News

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