Using Technology to Strengthen Democracy: Highlights from Collision Conference 2024

Khrystyna Banakh – Reporter – The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

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By Khrystyna Banakh – Reporter – The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

On the second day at the Collision conference, we enjoyed an insightful discussion on how technology can help strengthen democracy. The session featured Mina Hsiang, Administrator of the United States Digital Service, and Steve Clemons, host and political commentator for Al Jazeera English, together with Karim Lakhani, professor of Business Administration & Author Harvard Business School. They talked about how technology can make government work better and more effectively.

Technology in Government

Mina Hsiang talked about the need for the government to hire more tech-savvy people, suggesting that the U.S. needs at least 10,000 experts in technology to keep up with modern demands. She also mentioned how President Obama was very interested in digital technology and wondered how President Biden is approaching it. According to her, Biden is more focused on how technology can help with everyday issues that people face. The Role of AI Karim Lakhani, a professor at Harvard Business School, shared his thoughts on AI, stating that “humans with AI will replace humans without AI.” He explained that AI can enhance human abilities, much like glasses help us see better. Lakhani stressed that AI will become essential in our lives, just as glasses are now, and it’s already making a significant impact in many areas.

Looking at Canada

The discussion also touched on how these technological advancements could benefit Canada. As President Biden focuses on practical tech benefits, Canada is encouraged to do the same. Many of the startups and talks at Collision were focused on AI, showing that there’s a strong interest in using AI to improve governance and everyday life.

Moving Forward

As the day’s talks wrapped up, it was clear that using technology to improve democracy is an important topic. The speakers emphasized the need for governments to invest in tech skills and think creatively about how to use these tools. The ongoing discussions at Collision highlight the potential of technology, especially AI, to make our governments and societies better. Looking ahead, it’s important to keep exploring and innovating in this area. By embracing technology, we can make democratic processes more efficient and effective, ultimately benefiting everyone.

Khrystyna Banakh – Reporter – The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

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