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Irina Bilots -Reporter The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

By Irina Bilots -Reporter The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

On March 2-5, Toronto hosted world’s premier Mineral Exploration & Mining Convention, PDAC. This year PDAC brought together almost 27,000 participants from over 100 countries, representing governments, investors, companies and organizations connected to mineral exploration. There is an opportunity for everyone to share knowledge, strategies, new concepts, studies, products, find clients and investors, and get the latest updates from the industry.

Ex-Vice Minister of Mines in Peru, Mr. Augusto Cauti, had an opportunity to attend this annual event in various capacities, representing Peruvian government, mining companies and service providers. “Toronto is a perfect location for this event, given importance of the mining sector for Canada. It is the center of financing for mining projects, which brings numerous investors together, industry experts from all mining countries around the world, creating a perfect ambiance to build partnerships and synergies”, said Cauti. “For government authorities, PDAC represents an opportunity to hold side meetings and share insights on various policies that different jurisdictions implement to facilitate mining in their countries. For private sector focus is on the networking opportunities with investors, service providers, other companies as well as learning about innovations in the industry. For service providers this is a perfect place to meet their existing and potential clients face-to-face and expand their network internationally. Some of the countries Peru and Peruvian mining companies have developed closed ties with over the years are Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, and Colombia”.

Another PDAC participant, Mr. Bruce Shapiro, ex-President and co-founder of MineAfrica, shared his experience of attending PDAC for over 20 years. “MineAfrica has been promoting mining investments in Africa since 2002 by managing participation of their clients at PDAC. It helps African companies to navigate the landscape of the event and make introductions to representatives of companies in developed countries interested to invest in the mining sector in Africa. Through the years we’ve made at least 20,000 introductions and this year we are representing about 40 companies”. 

Apart from serious business, PDAC this year has featured an interactive stand by McEwen Mining that no attendee could pass by. It provided an opportunity to take a photo with a 28-pound USD800,000 gold bullion and to participate in a contest of a Gold Bar Challenge. Participants were challenged to try their luck with getting the bullion out of a plastic box with a small round hole within 30-60 seconds. Unfortunately, no one won, but few came close and it was certainly an entertaining part of the exhibit. Next year I’ll practice in advance! See you in PDAC 2025!

Irina Bilots -Reporter The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada at PDAC 2024 Toronto

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