The Dynamics of Men and Women in Business: Perspective

Khrystyna Banakh - Reporter The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

From the overseas experience in Canadian circle of business and politics

Khrystyna Banakh – Reporter The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

By Khrystyna Banakh – – Reporter The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

In the world of business, the differences between men and women often spark intriguing discussions. While some argue that gender plays a limited role in professional success, I believe that there are distinct characteristics that both genders bring to the table.

For women in business, it’s about more than just intelligence or a great portfolio. It’s about their ability to be exceptional communicators, exude style, and radiate confidence and beauty. I’ve observed this firsthand during my experiences in various professional settings.

A recent event that stands out is my attendance at a fundraising dinner with notable figures like Ahmed Hussen, Shafqat Ali, and the Brampton Center Federal Liberal Association. Coincidentally, I chose to wear a striking red dress that evening. What unfolded during the gala dinner was intriguing.

People from all walks of life approached me, offering their business cards and eager to make connections. It left me wondering why this was happening. A friend of mine shed some light on the matter, explaining that my choice of attire and my demeanor projected an image of importance and authority. Red, being the color associated with liberals, led many to assume I was a member of the party.

This experience reminded me of my time living in Vietnam for the past five years. In Asian countries, where I was often the only blonde in the room, I consistently found myself in similar situations. Regardless of the event, whether it was a conference or summit, I attracted the attention of guests, embassy representatives, and politicians.

The reason behind this phenomenon was simple: I stood out visually, dressed impeccably, and had honed the art of effective communication. My approach was uniform, whether interacting with a CEO or a waiter; I treated everyone with respect, greeted them with a warm smile, and engaged in meaningful conversations.

In summary, the dynamics of men and women in business are complex and multifaceted. While intelligence, seriousness, and a strong portfolio certainly have their place, women often bring a unique blend of communication skills, style, and grace to the table. Conversely, men are admired for their intelligence, a sense of humor, and a serious demeanor. My experiences have shown that personal presentation and effective communication can make a significant impact in the business world, transcending gender boundaries and opening doors to opportunities and connections.

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