PDAC 2023

Special Report from The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

By Marek J.D. Goldyn – Publisher The Canadian National News

Attending for a number of years this is s real joy and pleasure to bring a new look from young generation.

Please enjoy below this report being officially Media accredited at PDAC 2023.

PDAC 2023 Toronto at Metro Toronto Convention Centre Marek J.D.GOLDYN FOTO / The Canadian National News
Armita Jalooli

By Armita Jalooli – Business Reporter – The Canadian National News / The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

As a business reporter, attending the PDAC Conference 2023 was an educationally enriching and professionally edifying experience for me. Not only did I cultivate meaningful professional relationships, but I also garnered intriguing and compelling insights into the mining industry.

On the inaugural day of the conference, I had the pleasure of conversing with representatives from Mining Finland. It was fascinating to learn about the country’s potential for mining, and how favorable regulatory frameworks can facilitate the sector’s growth. The representatives highlighted Finland’s significant resources and reserves, including battery and rare earth metals, and underscored the country’s advantageous business environment.

I was particularly impressed by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Northern Ontario, whose assistance proved invaluable in navigating the conference’s abundant opportunities.

During the first day’s events, I also absorbed invaluable knowledge about different minerals from the Institute that researches mining. Their pertinent findings illuminated the latest research in the mining industry and its practical applications.

On the following day, I spent time with representatives from Peru. Their culture was inviting, and it was clear how immersed they were in the mining industry. They shared their active involvement and dedication, which undoubtedly will pay dividends in the long run.

The apex of the conference for me was the memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed between Chile and a Canadian company. This MOU aims to collaborate towards mutually advantageous outcomes in mining in Chile using Canadian resources, underscoring the importance of international partnerships in the mining industry.

Overall, attending the PDAC Conference 2023 was an enlightening and enriching experience. The meaningful professional relationships I cultivated and the compelling insights I gained will undoubtedly prove useful for years to come. I eagerly anticipate attending future conferences and continuing to deepen my knowledge of the mining industry.

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