Fight to keep POLISH in Roncesvalles Festival

Local BIA to purge a tradition of a few generations of WWII survivors and veterans of the Polish Army in Toronto

By Marek J.Goldyn – POLONEZ News Canada

Keep POLISH in Rnocesvalles Polish Festival in Toronto – stop BIA from destroying a contribution of Polish community, history and rich tradition in building Canada Marek J. Goldyn FOTO – Polonez News Canada –

Mr Stan – is a local resident at Roncesvalles Village in Toronto speaking about keeping Polish Festival
Marekj>D.Goldyn Foto – Polonez News Canada


David Neinstein

HR Committee Chair
Roncesvalles Village BIA

Dear Sir,


You have to step down from being a Chair, if you erase POLISH from Roncesvalles Polish Festival.It will be honourable to move your business out from Roncesvalles Avenue, if you feel unhappy.

This Board of Directors should be educated in running a business and learning a history and be respectful not only to the Polish-Canadians but to the public at large.Your actions to purge and remove POLISH is a typical action used by the Communist regime during a Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia and decades after.

I feel personally offended by your move as I am a journalist, and business and community organiser – I know that it takes a few generations of hard work to make a living and raise up a family especially by those who were refugees after WWII , and how much of sacrifice and struggle after arriving to the new country.

This is a direct blow to the diplomatic relations between Canada and Poland while we are in the most closest allies, co-operating especially in NATO. The Canadian government voted as the first country to accept the Polish membership in 1999.

The first Polish person settled in Canada was Dominique De Barcz in 1752 and the late Senator Dr Stanley Haidasz was very proud of him and of others, the prominent Canadians of the Polish origin including Sir Casimir Gzowski.

It is worth mentioning that the Honourable Dr Stanley Haidasz was also the very first Minister of Multiculturalism in Canada appointed by a very good friend of Poles: The Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau – the Prime Minister of Canada in 1972, so we are celebrating in this year of 2022 the 50th Anniversary of that nomination.

Polonia, a token name for Polish living in Canada is very welcoming and so many times the elected politicians took a stand at the stage of our Festival including the current Prime Minister of Canada.Traditionally, the Polish diaspora settles in the West End of Toronto, so all Torontonians, and tourists from Buffalo, and other cities and countries – know where to attend the Roncesvalles Polish Festival, so it is logical that removal of the word Polish by the current BIA Board WOULD DO MORE HARM THAN GOOD.


Marek – Mr Europa

Marek J. D. Goldyn, B.Econ.

Publisher and Editor-In-Chief

POLONEZ News Canada
The Canadian National News

Founder and CEO
The EUROPEAN Club of Canada
2000 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6R 1W6
Cell: (647) 762- EURO (3876)

Member: The National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada

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