The Battle of 2021 for Dundas Street at Toronto City Hall


A March from Dundas / Yonge Square to The Toronto City Hall

Wednesday, July 14th 2021 – 12:00 noon until 1:00 pm

Today is a Bastille Day in France – July 14th 1789 and Toronto has its Day to remember – 14th of July 2021

Marek J. Goldyn – Organiser The Battle of 2021

A Motion to withdraw a Petition because of Lockdown

By Marek J.D. Goldyn – The Canadian National News / Polonez News Canada

To Elected Officials

Toronto residents need an explanation as to:

Why a historical landmark – Dundas Street is undergoing a name changed in the midst of COVID-19 Global Pandemic budget reserves. This is an example of bureaucratic waste of money only to serve special interest groups – for political favours and agendas – this is not in the interests of modern democracy.

Signed by Mark Jagg – Resident and Taxpayer

By Marek J. Goldyn – The Canadian National News / Polonez News Canada

Members of Council – City of Toronto City Council is made up of 26 members: the Mayor, who is elected city-wide, and 25 Councillors who are elected in each ward across the city. To find your ward and Councillor, please enter your address below. Find Your Councillor Key Ward Name Councillor 01 Etobicoke North Councillor Michael Ford 02 Etobicoke Centre Councillor Stephen Holyday […]

Courtesy of BBC News

Toronto lockdown – one of the world’s longest?

By Robin Levinson-King
BBC News Published 24 May 2021

All told, you’ve been unable to sit down to a meal in a Toronto restaurant for just over 360 days. Compare that with Paris (over 260 days), London (259 days) or Hong Kong (2 days).

Who is going to pay for a new business sign?



Area Code: 416
Area name: TORONTO
Population: 19077

Just to change an address for 19077 peoples by $35 per person =

Another Toronto businesses to be victims in line of the City of Toronto top bureaucrats.
Hundreds of thousand will face a costly change on any document issued with an address

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