A Battle of Dundas Street in Toronto

From left: Mark Borkowski - Business Editor of Polonez News Canada and the Members of The National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada: Ricky Castelvi, Oleg Hmelnits and Marek J.D.Goldyn with the historic flag of the European Union presented by His Excellency EU Ambassador Brickmann to The European Club of Canada in 2011. Photo by Humina - Euro Canada News

A Call for respect of history and city order by mayor Tory and councilors

By Marek J. D. Goldyn – The Canadian National News / Polonez News Canada

Business writer and the members of the The National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada based at Toronto City Hall Press Gallery on Sunday noon of 11th July 2021

“This is illegal and immoral to make such a Decision – to change any city street name and to vote during the Lockdown while there is a restriction in movement of people and business closing and other health rules imposed by the three levels of Governments since March 2020 and still in effect..” – Marek Jozef D.  Goldyn  Publisher and Editor-In-Chief – Polonez News Canada – in Toronto, dated July 11th, 2021

Changing any street name even without referendum as suggested by business leaders -inevitably would create an enormous destruction of an equivalent of an atomic bomb explosion or a cultural revolution of Mao Tse Tung.

Taking into account a young history of Canada, dating back 4 centuries in comparison with other countries especially in Asia, Middle East or Europe – this is an ancient time frame like a Colosseum in Rome or the Pyramids in Egypt.

Naming many of new settlements is based on places where the people where born especially in England , Ireland and Scotland, and Wales too.

So in Ontario we can travel to London or Paris and Windsor, and to Dundas.

However there is a danger when the public is not informed about the projects by the historians who should do their job at the colleges or universities and libraries, but not creating a chaos in change a course of the Past into today’s concept and standards.

There are elected honourable Members of Federal Parliament and also Provincial and Territorial in addition to the local representatives to address current issues .

Making any interpretation and assumptions of historical facts on very selective pieces of sources which are also fragmental – is fundamentally wrong especially in the scientific research.

As for example -in those times before an industrial revolution – no cars , no trains and no planes, no telephone, no TV and not internet.

These are mostly original names known to many generations and to make any change equals to erase a valid history – family, personal and community.

Please send a Letter by Tuesday, July 13th 2021 to your local City Councillor demanding an end of dismantling of our Great City of Toronto.

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