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Toronto – The power of distant communication among Paris Expats

By Marek J.Goldyn – The Canadian National News

There are three capitols of fashion in the XIX century in Europe:Paris, Łódż and St. Petersburg meaning France, Poland and Russia

Coming from the rich family tradition in fashion making at home and from the European capital of textile production in the City of Lodz in Poland which imploded after total transformation of the industry and global shift of manufacturing base to mostly Asian countries with natural source of cotton and wool – cutting a cost of transportation and also a quality of fabric.

So it is interesting to observe the small scale production closer to fulfill the needs -One size does not fit all – this is well taken by So Violette Inès whose Great-Grandmother was fashion educated in 1925 by the French influenced school of design but in Poland,

In her recent interview Canadian fashion designer and also a reporter Violet taps into the stream upon River Seine in Paris

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