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Viera Zmiyiwsky is Canadian Professional Violinist / Music Educator / Composer

Toronto artist brings a thought of hope

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Viera Zmiyiwsky

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People tend to be generous when sharing their opinions, fear, disapproval and cynicism. And while they seem quite eager to feed you their negativity, be cautious with what you allow these people to feed your mind and soul.

Surround yourself with the right people who will fuel you with positivity and let that fuel propel you into positive action, not just for yourself but for others! ❤

Viera Zmiyiwsky is Canadian Professional Violinist / Music Educator / Composer
Photo courtesy by : Magic Vision Photography

Viera Zmiyiwsky

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Why I am reminded to love more… I had a conversation with a friend recently who shared many of their challenges with me. I’m sure we can all admit that lately it has been difficult to stay positive and happy in these uncertain times. I ended the conversation by saying “I will keep you in my good thoughts and prayers.” I was not prepared for the reply from my friend “Thanks anyway. But I don’t believe in God.”

I am a Christian and I am not afraid to admit it. I do not judge anyone who chooses to believe or doesn’t choose to believe. Some of the people who have hurt me the most in my life have been “Christians.” Does that mean I should not love anyone who doesn’t believe? Of course not. How we treat and love each other is the most beautiful form of existence. Have you seen an act of kindness that was randomly done to someone? Did you notice the smile you had witnessing that? Well YOU could be that person.Whether you pray, meditate, send positive energy, the intent is to elevate your thoughts above your ego and wish someone well. To have special consideration for someone else’s well being is an act of love. Someone taking a moment to wish you well should be cherished. If we all did this then I’m sure there would be less hate in this world. My reply to this person was “Thank you. You reminded me to love more.” ❤

Viera Zmiyiwsky is Canadian Professional Violinist / Music Educator / Composer.
Photo courtesy by: One Tree Photography

Viera Zmiyiwsky

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I truly respect and admire people who continue to pursue their passion, even in these difficult times. Nobody knows what someone is going through and how much strength they are putting into each day. I truly respect people with a VISION and a desire to pursue their very best version of themselves. It’s easy to start….it’s easy to see the end result….but often it is in the middle that we quit.


This is my wish for you today! DO NOT QUIT!!! ❤

It doesn’t matter to me how spiritual you are. How many online healing courses you have completed, or self help books you have read. How long you can hold an eagle pose, or how often you sage your home. I want to know how empathetic and compassionate you are. Can you sit at the feet of the dying despite the heart-wrenching discomfort? Can you sit with your own grief, or with mine, without giving advice on how to go about fixing it or criticizing it? Can you aid others in their grieving despite your own healing?

What fascinates me are busy and healing hands. That regardless of how tired you are, you make time for that phone call, get on the plane, love your children and do what it takes to feed and defend your family. How beautiful the effort to integrate your own unique magic into ordinary reality. How special it is to find beauty and gratitude at a time when your soul is falling apart. Continue being the special soul you are ❤

This is my mid-week wish for you.

About Contributor: Viera Zmiyiwsky is Canadian Professional Violinist / Music Educator / Composer.

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