A Distortion of History of Poland on Toronto TV

CP 24 TV – Toronto – Canada

Dear Sirs,

I am in state of shock by calling on your CP 24 Newscast after 1 p.m. a celebration of Polish Independence Day Nov. 11, 2017 which coincides with Remembrance Day in Canada as a Pro- Fascist Rally.

This is a lie of naming Poland as a Fascist country and nation especially when Poland was invaded by the Fascist Germany and was fighting against Nazi ideology losing over 6 millions of the Polish citizens.during the WWII and struggling with the Communism ideology and Soviet occupation.

In my opinion the editor of your CP 24 TV – Editorial News Team is uneducated journalist in need to go to study the history in order to avoid in the future a deformation of facts and learning the meaning of the words and terms.

Furthermore – it is a slam on Canada – an ally to Poland especially due to the facts that the Polish men were fighting in the War of 1812 on Canadian side , and the Canadian Government established the Training Camps for the Polish Army Volunteers from Canada and United States forming General Jozef Haller’s Army which was successful in military operations in France during the Great War in 1917 – 18 .

When Poland was invaded by Germany on Sept. 1, 1939 and few days later the Government of Canada called a war upon Hitler.

Canada is also a first country to vote to bring Poland into the NATO in 1999.

Kindly – please correct your Newscast regarding the March in Warsaw and not calling Pro Fascist.

Marek – Mr Europa

Marek J.D.Goldyn, B.Econ.
Publisher and Editor-In-Chief
Euro Canada News

The EUROPEAN Club of Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Email: fotolodz@yahoo.ca
Cell: (647) 762- EURO (3876)

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