Roncesca Polish Festival in Toronto brings together Europeans of Canada

Special to Euro Canada News

Another edition of Roncesvalles Polish Festival brings thousands of Torontonians to the one of the most famous parts of Toronto.

The distinguished Members of Ontario Association of Portuguese Veterans also participated.



The members and friends of the EUROPEAN Club of Canada are meeting at Headquaters of the Corporate Sponsor: Bento’s Auto and Bento’s Travel in Toronto.

Sponsors of he event:

Pawel Paul – Limo


Tymek’s – Polish pickles – Polskie Ogorki Kiszone

Mr Fred – Pristine Fine Foods – – 339 Evans Ave , Toronto 416 259 37 37

Mr Bento – Bento’s Auto – 2000 Dundas St. West Toronto – 416 533-2500

Rui Marcelino  –  GTA Crew Coach   416  503 9794

Special thanks to Inga Cernei, Pawel Nowak, Eric Szustak, Miro – Admiral Dauksza

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