Holodomor Memorial Day

A Holodomor monument in Edmonton, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario
November 26, 2016
The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued the following statement today on Holodomor Memorial Day:
“Today, we commemorate one of the darkest chapters in human history: the forced starvation of millions of Ukrainians by the tyrannical regime of Joseph Stalin in the early 1930s. This genocidal act was designed to destroy the identity and will of the Ukrainian people. It did not achieve its aim. Despite the brutality of the Holodomor, Ukrainians endured and, after decades of Soviet control, Ukraine achieved its independence in 1991.
“Canada stands firm with the Ukrainian people in condemning the atrocities of the Holodomor, and ensuring that its victims are not forgotten. We also remain committed to supporting Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity as well as the important steps taken by the Ukrainian government to bring greater security, prosperity, and economic independence to their people.
“I invite all Canadians to take time today to remember those who suffered as a result of the Holodomor and to reflect on the important contributions citizens of Ukrainian descent have made all across Canada. Their resilience and determination have helped build Canada’s diverse society, which is our strength and pride.”

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