Inspirations from Ukraine: Iryna Fedyshyn’s Musical Mission. 

Concert in Toronto brings diaspora together

By Khrystyna Banakh – The Canadian National News/ The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

 “The truth is on our land. Where there is truth, there is God. Where there is God, there is victory.” – IrynaFedyshyn 

Ukrainian singer – Iryna Fedyshyn performs in Toronto. Photo by Halyna Banakh – The Canadian National News/ The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

On June  6, I had the honor of attending a concert by one of my favorite Ukrainian singers, Iryna Fedyshyn, organized by the Ukrainian-American Concert and Event Agency Moloko. 

First and foremost, I want to express my deepest gratitude to Moloko for organizing the best concerts and events in North America. Only those who have been forced to leave their countries can truly understand how vital it is to have places where everyone speaks the same language and shares a common dream. Thanks to Moloko, we can experience the feeling of home, even when we are far from it. Moloko has been a cornerstone for the Ukrainian community in North America, tirelessly working to bring our culture, music, and traditions to life. They understand the emotional and cultural needs of the diaspora, creating spaces where we can come together, celebrate our heritage, and find comfort in shared experiences. Their dedication to organizing these events not only strengthens our community bonds but also keeps our cultural identity alive.  

Secondly, I want to commend Iryna for this inspiring interview. For me, it is incredibly heartwarming to see someone who not only supports her country with words but also demonstrates through actions how important Ukraine is to her. This beautiful and talented woman comes from a deeply patriotic family. Her cousin, who lived in the Czech Republic before the war, returned to Ukraine to fight for his country when the conflict began. Tragically, he gave his life for Ukraine, and now Iryna sings in honor of him and all the heroes who have died or risk their lives every day to defend the nation. Despite having the opportunity to live anywhere in the world, she remains in Ukraine, facing the same dangers, challenges, and threats as her fellow citizens. Her love for Ukraine can be comparable to a love of a partner, enduring through good times and bad. 

 Since the war began, this fearless singer has performed at countless charity concerts in Ukraine and abroad. Thanks to her efforts, 182 vehicles and numerous other pieces of military equipment have been purchased to aid in our country’s victory. 

 Beyond her unconditional love for her Motherland, it is also essential to highlight her strong devotion to family. Iryna is one of those rare celebrities who has not only achieved great success in her career but also built a strong and happy family. She believes that love can overcome anything, including war and other disasters. This profound love is something she carries with her always, both towards her family and her country. “Since I stayed when times were good, how can I leave when they aren’t?” – Iryna Fedyshyn I urge everyone to stand with Ukraine in these challenging times. Supporting Ukraine goes beyond aiding a nation in need; it is about defending the principles of freedom, justice, and human dignity.  

After the concert: in Toronto organised of the Ukrainian-American Concert and Event Agency Moloko. : Ukrainian singer – Iryna Fedyshyn with Khrystyna Banakh Reporter and husband of an artist.
Photo by Halyna Banakh – The Canadian National News/ The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

Glory to Ukraine,  Proudly Ukrainian, 

Khrystyna Banakh

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