Greater love and appreciation for life in the destination of Cayo Coco Melia

A Canadian tourist impressed by the Cuban hospitality

Shirley Aguirre

By Shirley Aguirre – A Special report for The Canadian National News


Review of Melia Cayo Coco

Be prepared to live out a gorgeous dream in la playa de Cayo Coco surrounded by the warmth of all Cuban staff at Melia including the managers and assistance who are present to share with the guests everyday, all the restaurant staff visible and not in the many restaurants available to enjoy delicious flavoured food of all kind. You will always find something (foods&drinks) that you can enjoy in the day and during your stay spread out across the days. You will enjoy fruit, fresh juices, flavoured water with infused fruit, fish, beef, chicken, pork, grilled pineapple, variety of vegetables, salads and root vegetables, eggs, breads, sandwiches, fries, pizza, burgers, hotdogs, cheese, cold cuts, stews, soups, lobster, rice, beans, bbq, , variety of condiments available to add extra flavour to your meals if you wish, paella, pasta, oatmeal, cereals , pastries, crepes, ice cream, and so much more at every restaurant/buffet/ a la carte/snack bar.

The gardeners daily are keeping this luscious green garden well maintained, staff welcome you to the beach and help you find your palapa, the cleaners maintain the areas fresh including the washrooms, the maintenance workers who are touching up and taking care of the mature grounds everyday. The grounds that are well taken care of with lush green garden, flowers and palm trees and with a variety of different beautiful pockets under gazebos and terraces inspiring us to take multiple walks anytime of the time to soak in all the beauty.

From the lobby to the 4 min walk to the wide and stretched white sanded, turquoise waters filled with sardines, possibly you can spot a barracuda and other little fishes. On the grounds/ocean you will come across pelicans, maybe you’ll spot turtles and little crabs, geckos, frogs, birds chirping waking you up in the morning Be prepared to be greeted by the cats you will see walking around the grounds and if that or anything else at your stay here at Melia bothers you just remember when you are soaking in the turquoise ocean waters and or experiencing the time of your life with beautiful scenery, warm hearted people dancing, laughing, eating, drinking and sharing, making memories with each other in the variety of activities, excursions, bike ride to the market, and just in your day to day, meeting so many guests from Canada, France and other countries, just remember the greater beauty and appreciation of this gorgeous experience.

Soak in your experience as much as you desire from a romantic meal in-front of the ocean on the beach, under a gazebo, by the pool, on your balcony, at a restaurant whatever you desire make it happen. The maintenance workers at the pools prepare and clean the pool every morning before breakfast for day. We appreciate the camareras (room service) organizing, stalking up and freshening up the rooms everyday as well as the gentlemen who stalk up your fridge everyday if it’s empty.

The talented guest musicians who bring authentic instrumental Cuban music and singing presentations to the beach restaurant and main lobby, the fabulous and super talented entertainment team who fill the day and evening with music and dance presentations as well as circus/magician shows. A wide diversity of different genre music and presentations from traditional Cuban music, rock, romantic older love songs, we heard little pop ups of hip hop, reggae, dance, Latin urban and pop music from the DJ who is always present at the main lobby and pool bringing a enjoyable experience for everyone.

With the last minimum characters left available in this comment section of the review I would like to say see you sooner than later Melia Cayo Coco, I took home a big treasure and gift with this experience in my heart back to share with our cold snowy winter Canada land and people. My heart is full and cup is overflowing. Mil gracias

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