Polish Veterans in America and in Canada Condemn Russia’s Attack on Ukraine

The polish Army Veterans' Association of America: Established in 1921

The oldest Veterans’ organisation of Canada, Poland, France and The United States since 1921 speaks out

This Resolution is also seconded in Canada by Marek J. Goldyn – Associate Member of The Polish Army Veterans’ Association in America -National Headquarters: New York City , N.Y. USA – Post 100

The Polish Army Veterans Association of America (PAVA), the oldest organization of former Polish soldiers in the World, which has been continuously active since 1921, emphatically condemns Russia’s armed aggression against independent Ukraine.

            In the early morning hours of February 24, 2022, the Russian army, breaking all international rules and agreements, launched a massive military attack from land, sea and air on Ukrainian troops defending the integrity of their homeland.

            As members of an organization which honors the traditions of our predecessors, fighters for the freedom and independence of Poland during World War I and World War II, we cannot remain indifferent towards the events unfolding before our eyes on the other side of Poland’s eastern border.

            How very prophetic were the words of the late President of the Republic of Poland, prof. Lech Kaczyński at the big rally in Tbilisi on August 12, 2008, on the fifth day of Russian aggression against Georgia: We know very well that today it’s Georgia, tomorrow Ukraine, the next day the Baltic States, and then perhaps it’s time for my country, for Poland!

            Fourteen years have passed since that event and we can now witness how the sovereign nation of Ukraine is experiencing a brutal aggression from Russia which, as President Putin has explicitly stated, is seeking to rebuild the former Soviet empire. What Russia has done now is not only an armed attack on independent Ukraine, but also a declaration of war on the entire democratic West.

            As members of the Association, we know well that in the not so distant past, the coexistence of Poles and Ukrainians has been complex. Unfortunately, in our relations there have been chapters which for Poles, were tragic and painful, even traumatic (the Volhynian Massacre). Some of the most senior members of our organization have experienced it first hand. Today, however, we must take the side of the people of Ukraine, who only want to live in peace, but who are attacked and must defend the independence of their country.

            Most of us come from Poland which in the past has repeatedly been the victim of aggression from Russia, and we perfectly understand the position the Ukrainian nation is now in. That is why we support the actions taken by the American administration, the Polish government and other democratic states, which are aimed at stopping the criminal imperialism of Russia, with President Putin at the helm.

The Polish Army Veterans Association of America together with the Ladies’ Auxiliary Corps.

The National Headquarters:

New York City, N.Y. , USA

Dated: February 24, 2022

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