Liberals look for new Leader in Ontario

Tribute Dinner to former Premier

By Marek J.D.Goldyn The Canadian National News

TORONTO, ON — The Hon. Chrystia Freeland and Interim Leader John Fraser are set to co-chair the upcoming Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention on March 6-7, 2020 in Mississauga.

In advance of the leadership convention in March 2020, membership of the Ontario Liberal Party has surged to 37,831 strong.

Members who signed up prior to December 2 are eligible to participate in Leadership Election Meetings (LEMs), taking place across the province on February 8th and 9th, 2020. The LEMs will present the first opportunity for members to vote for their next leader.

Tribute to Kathleen Wynne – a former Premier of The Province of Ontario

Celebrating Kathleen Wynne during a special tribute at the 2020 Ontario Leadership Convention!

On Friday, March 6, 2020 Members and Friends will come to celebrate a history-making trailblazer.

Quick facts re Ontario Liberal Leadership Convention

Who can attend the Leadership Convention? • Only Delegates are eligible to cast a vote, however attendance is also open to non-delegates, alternates, observers and media who are registered for the convention. • In order to vote for a Candidate at the Convention, a delegate must register at the convention in person. Unsuccessful candidates for delegate positions (“Alternates”) are also eligible to attend and register at the Convention, and where a delegate from their riding or club has failed to register, may be promoted to full voting delegate status. Who can vote at the Leadership Convention? • Only Elected Delegates and Ex-Officio Delegates are eligible to cast a vote. • As determined by the Leadership Election Meetings that took place in February across Ontario, there are 2,084 elected delegates: • Michael Coteau (371) • Steven Del Duca (1,171) • Kate Graham (273) • Brenda Hollingsworth (25) • Mitzie Hunter (130) • Alvin Tedjo (72) • Independent (42) • Ex-Officio (approx. 540) • On any ballot after the first, elected delegates are free to cast a secret ballot for the candidate they then wish to support (even if their original candidate is still in the race). • Ex-Officio Delegates are also eligible to cast a secret ballot without having to be elected as a delegate at a Leadership Election Meeting due to a position they hold or have held in Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) or the Liberal Party of Canada (e.g. Affiliated Association Presidents, current and former Liberal MPPs, current Liberal MPs). There are approximately 540 ex-officio delegates who can vote at the convention, the total number of ex-officio delegates will be released after registration closes for the Convention. How will voting be conducted? • Voting at the Convention will take place in rounds until one candidate receives more than 50 per cent of the votes. At the end of a round of balloting, if no candidate has reached 50 per cent of the vote, then the candidate who received the fewest number of votes will be eliminated for the next round of voting until a candidate receives over 50 per cent of the vote. Any other candidate who chooses to do so, may withdraw their name from the next ballot within the first 20 minutes after results are announced.

• First Round Balloting: • Elected Delegates: ballots will be pre-marked with the name of the candidate on whose behalf they were elected by the members of the Ontario Liberal Party at their Leadership Election Meeting (LEM). • Independent Delegates: will be given an unmarked ballot with a list of the candidates. They may vote for one candidate on their ballot. • Ex-Officio Delegates: will be given an unmarked ballot with a list of the candidates. They may vote for one candidate on their ballot. • Subsequent Ballots (if necessary): • All delegates will be given an unmarked ballot with a list of the candidates. They may vote for one candidate on their ballot and can choose any candidate (even if their original candidate is still on the ballot). • Subsequent rounds of voting will take place on Saturday March 7, allowing delegates a sufficient opportunity to cast a new ballot between rounds. How are ballots counted? • After voting closes, the Chief Returning Officer will oversee a manual count of the ballots to be carried out by OLP staff and volunteers. • Each campaign will be allowed to have a team of scrutineers observe the count. • All volunteers participating in the count or scrutineering will be sequestered without communications equipment until the results of that round have been officially announced. When will the Leadership results be public? • The Ontario Liberal Party (OLP) will only release the official results of each round of voting once they are determined by the Chief Returning Officer. • It is expected that the results of the first ballot will be announced after lunch on Saturday March 7, followed by subsequent rounds of voting as needed.

Meet the Candidates

The official candidates in the 2020 Leadership Election include (in alphabetical order):

Michael Coteau


Steven Del Duca


Kate Graham


Brenda Hollingsworth


Mitzie Hunter


Alvin Tedjo


FAther with his daughter – Supporters of the Liberal Party of Ontario – at the Leadership Convention.
Marek J.D. Goldyn Foto – The Canadian National News

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