Finance Summit – Paris 2020

After Brexit:
What will it take to make Europe’s financial sector more resilient and sustainable?

Recommended by Marek J.D. Goldyn – Mr Europa – Founder &CEO of The European Club of Canada

Europe’s policymakers want the financial industry to become more resilient and competitive to contribute to a stronger Europe. But new lawmakers at the European Parliament and Commission, along with a new president at the European Central Bank and the U.K.’s expected departure, make the future policy hard to predict. At the same time, several EU member states face daunting budgetary pressures, needing to keep debt under control while funding innovation, the fight against climate change and a social welfare model whose costs keep increasing.

  • What will it take to make Europe’s financial sector more resilient and sustainable?
  • How can Europe improve its global economic competitiveness and ensure financial markets independence?
  • Does the Capital Markets Union require a competitive financial services industry?
  • Could a well-functioning CMU help EU member states fund innovation and tackle the climate-change transition?
  • What differences remain between Eastern and Western Europe in the development of financial services? Have recent EU financial regulations affected countries differently?
  • How will the U.K.’s expected departure impact Europe’s banking and financial industry? How will the U.K. access the EU market? Can Brexit be a motivation to develop the CMU and banking union?

All these questions and more will be addressed during the fifth edition of POLITICO and l’Agefi’s Finance Summit on February 6, 2020, in Paris. We will gather 130+ of the industry’s top minds from banking, asset management, insurance and more, together with the newly elected policymakers and debate the policies to make Europe’s financial markets resilient, sustainable and globally competitive.

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