Belgium 2019 National Day in Toronto

Coat of arms of Belgium

Observing the historic events of Independence A.D. 1830

Belgian Canadian Business Chamber

Salve Fellow Belgians
Congratulations on your National Day of the Kingdom of Belgium and especially to the King Philippe with his wife Queen Mathilde whose mother is a Polish Countess – Anna Maria Komorowska.
Best wishes to the Belgian – Canadian Business Chamber for so many years of friendship and cordiality from the Board, Members , Friends and Volunteers of The EUROPEAN Club of Canada.

Marek – Mr Europa

Marek J.D.Goldyn, B.Econ.
Founder and CEO
The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

2000 Dundas Street West Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6R 1W6
Cell: (647) 762- EURO (3876)

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