A Polish Bakery and Deli in heart of Mississauga

An Art of baking from traditional recipes from Poland


Welcome to Jaswoj Bakery and Ontario Bread

Jaswoj Bakery and Ontario Bread is a fine European bakery with roots originating from Poland. Our specialty are our fresh baked breads, buns and all kinds of cakes even those for special occasions. But that’s not all, we also sell all kinds of fresh meats, cold cuts, sausages, you name it we have it. And if you are hungry and want to stop by and try some of our hot foods and pastries, you will not be disappointed. Get to know us better by conveniently visiting 2 of our locations, our staff are very friendly and pleasant, and are waiting to serve you to the best hospitality as possible. We speak both English and Polish. We hope that you have enjoyed our products.

Jaswoj Bakery acquires Ontario Bread Co. Ltd.

Jaswoj Bakery has acquired Ontario Bread Inc. We are now operating under one bakery known as Jaswoj and Ontario Bread bakery. Ontario Bread products are still the same as before, nothing has changed. You can still enjoy Ontario bread products by visiting Jaswoj bakery two convenient locations. For more background about Ontario Bread Co. Ltd. visit our About Us page.

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