A Coach for a new career

Larysa Grant, a Success Coach

Are you sick and tired of wasting your time in an office because you
hate your job? Are you struggling with getting clients for your
business? Do you live with passion and purpose? Or do you feel stuck and
without a plan?

Larysa Grant, a Success Coach, is here to help. She believes that
confidence, wealth mindset and proven strategy bring the highest

Her own struggles and achievements have given Larysa a driven passion
for helping people bring out their talents and make six-figure incomes.
In various economies and circumstances, Larysa has helped hundreds of
clients to achieve their career and business dreams.

In more than 20 years, Larysa has accumulated invaluable experience in
the diplomatic, marketing, staffing and entrepreneurial domains. An
immigrant herself, Larysa understands the challenges that newcomers face
in business and professionally. Larysa has shared her expertise on OMNI
TV and been interviewed for the Canadian Immigrant Magazine. She has
also spoken about successful career strategies to professionals at the
Bilingual Link Job Summit and at the Toronto Career, Education &
Settlement Immigrant Fair. She had the honour to serve on the Board of
Directors of the United Nations Association in Canada. Currently, she is
on the Board of the European Club of Canada.

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yourself how close you are to living an extraordinary life!

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