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My Dear Friends,,

In addition to the online version- as a Publisher I am happy to announce that Oksana Turuta is a  Layout and Copy Designer for edition of Euro Canada News  to be printed in 4 Colours on glossy paper as a monthly newsmagazine with targeted audience of over 50.000 Readers.

The constant changes in rapid pace requires more attention to all aspects of life. The upcoming talks about Brexit brings a British natural look at Canada role in the Commonwealth. A seven years long negotiations will bring closer economic ties  through Canada-Europe Trade Agreement but there are some details to examine.

Another  vision at Europe is not only the European Union facing own trends during the migration crisis and aging population with low birth but other 23 countries on the continent including Russia and Greenland.

Euro Canada News is a Canadian publication bringing a unique  perspective through the lenses, hearts and minds during the building own identity with the Native Nations which started with European sailors over 500 years in written records and gradually expanding to form a federation of Canada 150 years ago.

Today, this Nation consists of 36 million of citizens from all the continents and countries from around the World who came as immigrants a few generations back ago or very recent .

This is a cordial invitation to ALL of you:  Writers, Reporters and Correspondents across Canada, all parts of Europe and around the World to sub,it your articles, stories, in depth economic and political analysis.

We welcome stories from Travel World, Automotive, Artistic and others.

Please submit your photographs and graphic material and forward to:

DEADLINE for the material is Monday August 7th 2017

Waiting to hear from you



Marek Jozef D. Goldyn, B.Econ.

Publisher and Editor -In-Chief

Oksana Turuta

Design and Layout

Writers: Estelle Blahut,  Migan Megardachian. Alicia Cernei

Web: John Telesz, Greg Salach

Rita Houkayen  Paris Corespondent

Photography: Marek J.D.GOLDYN FOTO,  Mieczyslaw Kolosowski,

Public Relations: Inga Cernei, Chantel Elloway

Advisory Board: Bento de Sao Jose, Rebecca Spour  Rui Marcelino,


News Conference and Event Transportation: Pawel Grzelak. Roma Kwapisz


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