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Euro Canada News Online Version..

Coming soon: Full Colours Newsmagazine glossy paper


This is a Special Invitation to All my Friends and Volunteers from The European Club of Canada –

to send an article, an interesting story and your photography and also some of the pictures taken in Canada or in Europe or anywhere else.

I am proud to announce that Madame Oksana Turuta join our Editorial Team as a Graphic Designer..

We have an open position for National and Retail Advertising Agents.

Please contact: Marek J.D.Goldyn – Publisher and Editor-In-Chief 647 762 3876



Marek Jozef D. Goldyn, B.Econ.

Publisher and Editor -In-Chief

Oksana Turuta

Design and Layout

Writers: Estelle Blahut,  Migan Megardachian.

Alicia Cernei – Staff Writer

Web: John Telesz, Greg Salach

Rita Houkayem –  Paris Corespondent

Photography: Marek J.D.GOLDYN FOTO,  Mieczyslaw Kolosowski,

Contributors: Viara Dmitrova – Bulgarian Flame

Public Relations: Inga Cernei, Chantel Elloway

Advisory Board: Bento de Sao Jose, Rebecca Spour,  Rui Marcelino,


News Conference and Event Transportation: Pawel Grzelak. Roma Kwapisz

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