Hot Tea for a Hot Real Estate Market

ap-img_8917By Estelle Blahut
The EUROPEAN Club of Canada

CREA, short for The Canadian Real Estate Association, has developed a delicious campaign called “Real-Tea” to highlight the values of using a professional realtor when buying or selling a home. Who doesn’t love a cup of soothing tea, especially when feeling stressed out in this hot Toronto real estate market?

CREA provided their support for the stressed out home sellers by offering a cup of hot tea to help sooth their worries. It was the perfect way to warm up on a brisk cool day in the city. If you missed out on the event, the campaign continues online, please visit the store to get your free tea at

This pop up event was inspired by CREA and developed by the Union of Toronto for the open public to bring more awareness of the support that realtors offer. Going it alone in this market is challenging and overwhelming, having an experienced professional by your side can make a big difference.

The campaign successfully provided a relaxed and comforting atmosphere to take a moment to warm up to real estate while drinking an excellent cup of hot tea! This creative approach did a great job reminding tea drinkers of the many scenarios where a realtor can help. They were brought to light by the various real estate themed named teas such as the eye opening “Search Soother” as well as a nighttime mix called “Bedding War.” The six custom tea blends were developed by Pluck Tea, a Toronto based company.

It’s time to address the issues that home sellers and buyers have when going alone on their real estate endeavours. Purchasing a new home is never as easy as it looks and the advice of a realtor can put you on the best path. A cup of tea may not solve all your real estate woes, but it sure doesn’t hurt.

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